A doll’s eyes / Part 1 March 29, 2013


A Doll's Eyes 1

  • Author: Han Hyo Mi
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery
  • Length: Chaptered


  • Main Casts:
    • Bae Suzy / Suzy Miss A
    • Kim Myungsoo / L Infinite


    • Other Casts:
      • Nam Jihyun/ Jihyun 4Minute
      • Park Hyungsik/ Hyungsik ZE:A
      • Nam Woohyun




All the cast belong to the God, their managements, parents and fans. But the story line is MINE!!



Banyak hal terjadi diluar nalar, tak pernah terlintas dalam benak setiap manusia yang mengagungkan logika.

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March 21, 2013

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Bae Suzy's Fanfictions

GA 4 


Author: Han Hyomi

Genre: fiction, romance

length: Chaptered


  • Bae suji
  • choi minho
  • kim myungsoo
  • choi Jinri




The cast are not mine but the story line is!



On a cold winter day, God has sent an angel on earth for one person

After a long time passed, that angel who has given so much love,

Had been hurt and shed tears

But the angel still smiled at me

[Nu’Est – Happy Birthday]

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Pathetic Love/ Drabble March 19, 2013

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Author: Han Hyomi

Genre: Angst, Romance

Length: Drabble


  • Jung ByungHee
  • Han HyoMi



March 2, 2013

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Bae Suzy's Fanfictions




Author: Han Hyomi

Length: One Shot

Genre: Romance, Angst, Tragedy

Main Casts:

–          Bae Suji/ Suzy miss A

–          Kim Myungsoo/ L Infinite

–          Hwang Chansung/ Chansung 2PM

Supported Cast:

– Jung Soojung/ Krystal fx



Cast milik semua pihak yang berwenang, author hanya berhak atas ide cerita dan story line




Later… our love will just remain as history

Later… maybe we will be reunited

With the same heart but different story

Then, I’ll just wait for that ‘later’


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