June 2, 2012

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Bae Suzy's Fanfictions

Author: Han Hyomi

Length: Chaptered

Genre: Romance, Angst


– Kim Myungsoo/L

– Bae Suji/Suzy

– Park Jiyeon

– Choi Minho

– Jung ByungHee/G.O MBLAQ

– Han Hyomi (O.C)

Semua cast adalah milik Tuhan YME, manajemen dan orang tua masing-masing. kecuali O.C plus bang G.O, yang lain author cuma pinjem bentar (?) #plakkk


Sunk in the longing that gets heavier as time passes

Can I travel back time?

If you hug me just like you did before

Then I will be better

I follow the wet and rainy road

And look back to our memories

The blurry rain reminds me of you

And you fill up in my tears

[Lyn-Back in Time]


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